Fix Whatever's Wrong With Your Car

Visit us when you need mechanical repair work in Bismarck, ND

As soon as you encounter a problem with your vehicle, point it toward A+ Auto Repair. We'll look over your car and find out what's wrong. We can make whatever kind of mechanical repair the situation calls for.

When your engine starts making strange noises, it's time to bring your car in for service. Our technicians can get an idea of what might be wrong just by listening to your engine. We can also diagnose issues with your brakes and suspension. Once we've found the problem, we can fix it. All of our parts are sourced from a local warehouse, saving you time and trouble.

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Stay safe by coming to us for brake repair

If your brakes aren't working right, you're putting yourself, your passengers and everyone else on the road in danger. Drive into our shop as soon as you can for brake repair work.

In addition to fixing your brakes, we can also work on:

  • Four-wheel drive systems
  • Engine issues
  • Steering systems

Contact us now to make an appointment for brake repair work in Bismarck, ND.